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Meat earned through hard work is priceless.


Our Story

It all started when the elk hit the ground in 2017 and the hard work of de-boning and packing out fresh elk meat began.  Days later, the cut and wrap process began and consumed an entire day.  What was the last step?  Labeling the species and cuts of meat before placing it in the freezer.  I was in a rush.  I already have less than stellar hand writing skills.  My wife can't read my mind nor what my abbreviations stand for.  So for the next several months, she'd go to the freezer and guess at what cut of meat she was pulling out.  There had to be a better way - a way to quickly and clearly label those priceless packages of Wild Meat - and that's how the idea of our Wild Meat Stamps came into being.

But, we're not stopping there.  From success in the field to Wild Meat hitting your table, we will bring you gear and techniques to help you every step of the way!

Listen to our story on the ElkShape Podcast Episode 267.

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