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Our goal is to ship your order on the next business day after receiving it so you don't have a long wait.  ​


The Meat Stamps flat rate shipping is USPS Ground Advantage shipping within the USA which is 2 to 5 days transit time, depending on the distance from us here in Washington State. 

We also have shipping for our neighbors in Canada.  Please keep in mind that orders may be subject to duty fees, which are your responsibility and outside of our control.  

If you are in another country or needing faster service, please call or email us:


We appreciate trusting us to be a part of your food processing.  We also appreciate that you're spending your hard earned dollars with us and therefore we want to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your purchases from us.  Our Meat Stamps come with a 60-day Satisfaction Warranty.   They also carry a 2-year functional warranty.  If your stamp stops working for some reason within 2 years of your purchase date, please contact us for an exchange:​

The return shipping costs of goods will be the customer's responsibility. 


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