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Big Game Wild Meat Stamp
  • Big Game Wild Meat Stamp


    We sold out in 2023! The next batch is expected to ship in the 1st half of 2024.  Order now to secure your Meat Stamp.


    End the guessing game with long-forgotten abreviations writen sloppiliy and in haste with a sharpie.  With our Big Game Wild Meat Stamp you'll clearly and quickly mark your packages of treasured Wild Meat!


    Whether stamping on butcher paper, vacuum bags or zip lock bags, our Big Game Wild Meat Stamp lets you clearly label your prized harvest from the wild.  The stamp lets you choose from 10 big game animal species, 10 cuts of meat and a year/numbering system.  Our quick drying ink helps you move quickly when it is cut and wrap day.  In the coming months as you or your loved ones go to the freezer, you will be amazed at how easy it is to pick the package you're looking for to put delicious organic food on the table. 


    Species List:  Bear, Caribou, Cougar, Deer, Elk, Goat, Hog, Moose Pronghorn, Sheep.


    Cut List:  Backstrap, Brisket, Burger, Ribs, Roast, Sausage, Shank, Steak, Stew, Tenderloin.


    This will soon be a successful hunter's best friend and will be loved by all in the household!


    Kit includes:  Big Game Meat Stamp, Inkpad, Bottle of Ink and Bottle of Ink Reactivator.


    Want to learn more?  Check out our FAQ.


    Canadian Customers:  Shipping even a small package from the U.S.A. to you is not cheap, hence the shipping cost you will be charged.  We are not making money on shipping - just covering our costs.  Note: the Canadian government may choose to charge you import duty on orders from the U.S.A.  This is out of our control and will be your responsibility.  Aren't we all taxed enough already?


      We sold out in 2023. Next batch is expected to ship in 1st half of 2024.
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