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The Meatlocker
  • The Meatlocker

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    Available now! 


    Why build a permanent walk in cooler building when this costs thousands less, sets up in minutes, and stores out of the way when not in use?


    Set it up in your garage, basement, shop or use it at hunting camp with a generator!


    Refrigerate your wild game in The MEATLOCKER which can get down into the mid 30s F while the outside is 80F!   The MEATLOCKER is an insulated enclosure that and has a duct for connecting an air conditioner to it, turning it into a temporary and portable MEATLOCKER!


    The MEATLOCKER Kit includes:

    - Insulated foldable MEATLOCKER Enclosure with A/C duct and mount for CoolBot

    - Foldable Meat Pole System that holds well over 440 lbs

    - Stainless Steel table for supporting the A/C unit


    The MEATLOCKERs are in stock and ready to ship! 


    This is not just another ice fishing tent - The MEATLOCKER has 50% more insulation material plus two more layers of material in the walls, yielding 5 layers in the walls to protect your meat from the heat.  It has a custom made port and duct to connect and air conditioner to the side.  It has a mounting system for connecting a Cool Bot inside.  It can work as a multip use shelter too, as the A/C port can zip shut when not in use!


    What you'll need that we don't supply:

    A. A window mount air conditioner that is compatible with the Coolbot.  Go with a model of 12,000 btu/hr or higher rating for maximum cooling.  We use a 15,000 btu/hr unit.  

    Option 1: LG 15,000 btu/hr unit (this is what we use): at Lowe's

    Option 2: GE 14,000 btu/hr unit: at Home Depot

    Option 3: LG 14,000 btu/hr unit: at Lowe's

    Option 4: Danby 14,000 bty/hr unit: at Lowe's


    B. A Coolbot air conditioner controller from Store it Cold 

         Check out their reference page which lists compatible air conditioners.


    The Buddy System - folks this system folds compactly and is portable so consider going in with a couple of buddies and sharing one of these MEATLOCKER kits with your hunting crew.  Splitting the cost between 2 or more people is a great idea.


    We ship to the U.S.A. and Canada.


    The Meatlocker is Patent-Pending.


    Questions:  email us at or call: 1.360.770.5715


    The MEATLOCKER is perfect for do-it-yourself hunters who need a temporary refrigerated space to cool and age wild meat before cutting and wrapping.  This gives you time to relax after the hunt.  Just hang your meat, let it tenderize, and then wait until the flavor gets mouth-watering and delicious before you process it. 


    Whether you set it up in your garage or at elk camp using a generator, you no longer have to be in a mad rush to cool and process your meat!


    Also included is the Meat Pole System which is capable of holding hundreds of pounds of quarters or boned-out meat bags. It folds up compactly for easy storage and it is portable so you can share it with a friend.  The MEATLOCKER will keep your Wild Meat fresh and cool! 


    It's quick to set up and easy to use.  1 minute to pop up the MEATLOCKER, another couple of minutes to set up the Meat Pole system inside, and another couple of minutes to connect the air conditioner.  5-10 minutes from an empty garage to a MEATLOCKER ready to cool your meat down to the mid 30's F!  


    Secondary uses of the MEATLOCKER System:


    1.  The MEATLOCKER is super quick to set up/take down and is portable.  It will be your favorite 'base camp' shelter at your truck while hunting.  It can sleep 2+ hunters and comes with a waterproof rain fly.  Deploy it as a base camp in a minute or two, and fold it up just as fast to move locations.


    2.  The air conditioner - treat your family to a summer of relaxing cool air by using your air conditioner in your home during the hot summer months.  Then plug it into to the built-in Meatlocker port when you come home after a successful hunt.  Your family will love the cool air inside your home all summer long and you get to refrigerate and cool-age your meat in your very own MEATLOCKER in the fall!  You'll be a hero!


    3.  The A/C Support Table - this compact, sturdy, and folding Stainless Steel Table is something you can use on your deck or patio all summer.  Or take it along on camping trips to put a stove on or prep food.  Come fall, it will support your air conditioner at just the right height for The MEATLOCKER.


    The MEATLOCKER kits are on order - they are coming!  Get yours before they're gone!


    Questions:  email us at or call: 1.360.770.5715


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